Digital Storytelling: It is not always about Cheryl Cole

“Do you want to make a kind of media that is to do with listening rather than telling?”

This is the key concept that I will take away from Daniel Meadows’s lecture.

I am only in the fourth week of my Magazine Journalism course at Cardiff and I have already experienced the frustration of trying to find a suitable quote. I have the story and I know what I want to write, all I need now is a credible source to back up what I am saying. I hunt the down the person who is most likely to say what I need, I contact them and I ask them the questions that I know will get the answers I require. This is not scripting the source exactly, but essentially they are only a back-up, an added piece of proof to a story that has already been created.

Meadows questions this and asks ‘what if the audience were the story?’. His digital stories certainly prove that inside everyone there is a deeply touching, funny, heartbreaking experience and they suggest that maybe media should shift to follow the ordinary man/woman on the street, rather than just the people in the public eye.

Meadows’s projects focus on highly personal experiences; sometimes of the general public sometimes of his own (Polyfoto) and as a way to get me thinking before I create my own digital story, I have mapped out some of the places in the UK that hold a story for me.


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