Hyperlocal blogging: News Where You Are

Not necessarily the most interesting type of news it is true. Sometimes you don’t need to hear about the neighbourhood kids vandalising some trees, or the little old lady who is missing her cat. But beat blogging has brought local news back in vogue.

Glyn Mottershead outlined two strong examples based around South Wales. The first is the South Wales Argus from Newport. The most popular story in the last year was not to do with sport, or redevelopment or even the New York/Newport parody song.

It was regarding the information about school closures during the period of heavy snow. It was acting a local service to Newport people to inform them about important news in their area. It was there for them when they needed a community centre and they needed it instantaneously.

The second is the Guardian’s local Cardiff blog, run by Hannah Waldram. The blog displays news, details of upcoming council meetings, the opportunity to contact your councillors and the ability to report any problems.

These are the details that people really want to know and discuss with other local people. In a time when many complain that our sense of community is dissolving due to a growing global network online, these local news blogs are proving exactly the opposite.


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